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Charles H. Robbins

Charles H. Robbins

Business Experience

Mr. Robbins has served as CEO since July 2015, as a member of the Board since May 2015 and as Chair of the Board since December 2017. He joined Cisco in December 1997, from which time until March 2002 he held a number of managerial positions within Cisco’s sales organization. Mr. Robbins was promoted to Vice President in March 2002, assuming leadership of Cisco’s U.S. channel sales organization. Additionally, in July 2005 he assumed leadership of Cisco’s Canada channel sales organization. In December 2007, Mr. Robbins was promoted to Senior Vice President, U.S. Commercial, and in August 2009 he was appointed Senior Vice President, U.S. Enterprise, Commercial and Canada. In July 2011, Mr. Robbins was named Senior Vice President, Americas. In October 2012, Mr. Robbins was promoted to Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations, in which position he served until assuming the role of CEO.


Mr. Robbins brings to the Board extensive industry, company and operational experience acquired from having served as Cisco’s CEO since 2015, and prior to that from having led Cisco’s global sales and partner teams. He has a thorough knowledge of Cisco’s segments, technology areas, geographies and competition. He has a proven track record of driving results and played a key role in leading and executing many of Cisco’s investments and strategy shifts to meet its growth initiatives.

Board Chair

Age: 57

Director since: 2015